Morale-ity tale

I used to think that all you needed to do was focus on the task. If it were clear enough, and its beneficial results obvious – then you – and anyone else working with you – would stick with it.

Tosh, of course. Morale matters. Napoleon knew it (“an army marches on its stomach”), and it is an acknowledged “force multiplier.”

I guess I resisted the obvious for so long because emotions can be messy, and are immune (or at least very resistant) to ‘rational’ argument. And the idea of engineering morale seemed, well, manipulative, anti-Enlightenment, domineering.

Today in discussion with a new friend (I hope), I ran through the things that Keep You Motivated – autonomy, mastery and purpose.
I said (rightly?) that it isn’t always necessary for me to have the first two – I will happily do grunt/donkey work under supervision for yonks. I know that grunt work has to be done. But if the purpose of the grunt work is not clear, and the likelihood of success is really low, then I Am Outa There.

Of course, big picture, the planet is fubarred; mass extinction, a few nuclear exchanges, cannibalism and savagery, for sure. But on the scale of a decade, I need a Purpose….


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One Response to Morale-ity tale

  1. leavergirl says:

    Purposes are highly overrated. 😉

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