Film Review: Syriana

OK,  so I am a little late (6 or 7 years)  getting to this (and thanks to V for lending it me).

Instaverdict: good film.  A didactic thriller, with enough explosions and real emotional heft (Matt Damon on the receiving end of something horrible).  Good performances, and some dialogue zingers.  Nice to see Christopher Plummer getting work.

Struck me that it’s all about fathers and sons (in the same way Contagion was about fathers and daughters).  Damon and his sons, Clooney and his son and him as a nephew/son of a perfidious Uncle Sam.  The emir and his two sons (one good, the other a fool), and the lawyer played by Jeffrey Wright as son to an alcoholic and “adopted son” to somone even more dangerous to him.  And the Pakistani father and son laborers too…


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One Response to Film Review: Syriana

  1. Sarah Irving says:

    Ah but you missed out the best bit…Alexander Siddig

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