A strategy is not a “to do” list

I went to all the trouble (sic) of writing one.  It wasn’t a terrible effort (especially after a wise OLD man had a look at it).  But it wasn’t a strategy.  It didn’t, for example, say what the end state was.

What am I talking about?  I am talking about a surprisingly brilliant book called “The Business General: Transform your business using the seven secrets of military success ” – it’s something I borrowed from a library intending to do a snarky piece about how a British Army general was really over-reaching himself when teaming up with an organisational psychologist to write about teams and goals.  I was, of course, very very wrong – it is light on bullshit and long on practical (hard won?) wisdom.

I need to go back and re-write the strategy so it is nearer to a strategy.  Ho hum.

Here’s  a couple of  relevant quotes from the book…

a ‘strategy’, many are either badly articulated or not articulated enough, or not backed up with well-aligned resources. In some cases, the ‘strategy’ is simply a list of desirable outcomes unencumbered by any substance about the route, length or timescale of the journey. In other cases, the board has conceived an excellent strategy, only to neglect to tell anyone other than their immediate circle about it.
Page 305

It follows from the concept of Ends, Ways and Means that before a plan can be constructed it is essential to be absolutely clear about what the precise objective is. Get the Endstate right and the rest
will follow. The Endstate is the state of affairs that needs to be achieved at the end of a campaign. For the Armed Forces this is often possible only in very general terms at the start of the campaign.
Page 311


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4 Responses to A strategy is not a “to do” list

  1. leavergirl says:

    Where is my blog post on unplanning? In my head.

    So let me just be flat out rude and say…. nooooo! 😉

  2. leavergirl says:

    Tee hee hee. Any time you really start the flame throwers, I’m there, ya gasbag Oz-ymandias!

    “to be absolutely clear about what the precise objective is”

    Bah. Clarity is violence. But then, control freaks don’t care, do they?

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