The one-eyed man is king

Someone snipes.

The snipee snipes back.

The whole thing just dang escalates.  Onlookers are bemused, amused, bored, awed.

It’s fun, but in a masturbatory kinda way*

Eye for eye leaves everyone blind etc… more heat than light… This  Eye know**, intellectually if not emotionally.

And the excellent Johnnie Moore has pointed to work on the fact that

We underestimate the force we generate when striking others. So when we think we retaliate in kind, the other experiences it as an escalation. They return with greater force, and so it goes on. He’s talking about physical force, but it applies to insults too, I reckon.

* I am obliged at this point to cite Woody Allen – “don’t knock masturbation, at least it’s sex with someone you love.”

** This post in lieu of one that was going to be snarky, snipy and more fun than this to write. And probably more fun to read.  But I am getting old. This shit just isn’t worth the effort.  “Leave him Wayne, he’s not worth it.”  etc.


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One Response to The one-eyed man is king

  1. leavergirl says:

    Ah… flame wars… they used to be such fun. What happened to them? The internet seems to have moved on, and either folks are more or less civil, or it’s troll infested, almost untalkable nastiness. I miss the boisterous middle ground.

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