Zero-integrity children and book-borrowing karma

What do you do, when someone – ostensibly an adult – proves themselves to be a child in an adult’s body?
It’s easy when you’re thousands of miles away, and the cost of learning is small enough that you can chalk it up to experience (“never lend books you haven’t yet read to muppets”). But what do you do when they are ‘in your face’ and you aren’t going anywhere and neither are they.

Shouting at them doesn’t work, for some obscure reason (I know, I’ve tried).
Avoidance is tiresome, and time-consuming.
Smiling sweetly is tiresome, and time-consuming.
Seething is tires… [yes yes, you’ve done that one already Dwight.]

I suppose the universe is never/rarely as we expect/demand it should be. Especially those bits of the universe on two legs and with opposable thumbs. And I suppose I provoke the exact same sentiment in others.

Ho hum.


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