Books maketh the man?

Yeah, I know, consumerism and materialism are Bad Things. And showing off possessions as a sign of moral or material superiority is a Bad Thing.

But books are different, right?

Or have I bought these latest 6 (the sixth was free) out of some deep quest for knowledge and diversion? Who knows. Or cares.

Hell on Wheels by Daniel Evan Weiss. The guy who wrote that book from the cockroaches point of view. This is about a guy who used to be a tennis pro but is now a bilateral transfemoral amputee. Am 80 pages into it. It’s ok.

Bush Studies: Classic Australian Short Stories by Barbara Baynton. From the 1890s. Sounds grim and depressing and therefore right up my street.

Los Angeles without a Map by Richard Rayner. I wish I’d spent more time in LA when I lived in the States. Oh well, no point regretting.

Decameron book two (I own book One already) by Boccacio. Will be part of a literature reading project when I am done making my adopted home city safe from the ravages of climate change. (Cough cough)

And two novels about journalism, one comic, one crime

Stop Press by Tim Heald – looks like a romp/farce about the dying days of Fleet Street and PR hackery

Candyfloss Coast by Barbara Crossley – one of those virago crime books, about a dogged female journo uncovering malfeasance etc etc.

Now, where to put ’em?


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