Knob gags or the moral hazard of apologies? Which is it to be?

Sometimes I just want this blog to be light and fluffy.

Man to psychiatrist: Doc, you gotta help me, I’m hearing voices
Shrink to man: Where are they coming from?
Man: From my underpants!!
Shrink: Don’t mind them, they’re talking bollocks…

May not mean much to the non-English?
But other times I think, “hell Dwight, get the stuff you don’t want in yer skull out on the page…”

Another gag: What happened to the man who didn’t pay his exorcist?
He was repossessed.

(Thanks, I’m here all week.)

So, finally, having, I hope, scared off the casual reader…

For various personal reasons too boring and personal to go into, I don’t (I believe) have a huge problem with making apologies when they are warranted (that’s not to say I always apologise when asked – if I don’t think I need to, I stand my ground. I am not a neurotic sycophant, I think).

But I’ve had to apologise twice in twenty-four hours for SHIT I SHOULDN’T HAVE DONE. And I wonder if there is a moral hazard element to being “good” at apologising.
Do people who can do ’em come to think “well, worst case scenario is I’ll have to apologise and that’s no biggie” where they (i.e. I) should be thinking “shouldn’t I be behaving in a way that makes the need to apologise really unlikely?” Or maybe you kant be imperative or categorical about these things?


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3 Responses to Knob gags or the moral hazard of apologies? Which is it to be?

  1. leavergirl says:

    Eh… in my experience, if one allows oneself to feel remorse, then that is the place from which one can change. An apology without remorse… is hollow. And worse, the apologee will know it.

  2. dwighttowers says:

    Feeble? Maybe. Funny – yes!!

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