My own private … smugosphere

Can’t think why this post has been sitting scribbled for yonks and yet somehow never quite got itself typed up…

“We all teach what we most need to learn,” someone said to me off-handily last year.  We project, too; of this I am aware.

And so about  my anger/frustration/sliding over into public exasperation and generalised shoutiness.  I am struggling to find a way of dodging the hypocrite accusation (from myself).  If you (re)-define the smugosphere as “continuing to indulge in behaviours that make you feel good/meet your ‘needs’ but actually undercut your stated goals” and the failure to use objective-ish success metrics then… um… tumbleweed… somebody help me out here?
Like I said, a curiously difficult post to take from the inkiness to the electrons….

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2 Responses to My own private … smugosphere

  1. pendantry says:

    What I get from what you’ve said is that listening, pondering and cogitating are superior to expounding. And now I’m thinking twice about hitting ‘Post Comment’…

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