Piss-weak excuses and defensiveness

We all of us screw up.  We all of us see what we need to see.  And the blindest of us all are probably those who think we see the clearest (1).

But (2)  it REALLY REALLY (I’d shout louder if I could) pisses me off when I’ve been to an event that said it was about networking and it was yet another ego-foddering sage on the stage smugathon, and yet the organisers refuse to admit this.  It (insert shouting) me off when after I’ve pointed out just how limited opportunties for mingling actually were, they  then point to the third of the audience who are still standing around and say “there, see, there’s plenty of mingling going on.”

Er, NO.  What about;

people have a long way to travel

people who have kids and babysitter drumming their fingers

people for whom it was a school night and they had to get up early to work (often including me)

people scared of late night public transport (gendered, much?!)

people put off by the tedious Q and A nastiness and the lack of interactivity earlier

The fucking complacency.  The cherry-picking smug stupid wish-fulfilment confirmation bias-ness of it all.  AAAAAArrgh (3)

(1) Is there a Dunning Kruger test for people who pontificate like me? I know I’d flunk the Voight-Kampff…)

(2) And with me there’s always a big but…

(3) Did I mention that they were handing out feedback forms with people’s names written on them already?  Gee, they obviously want the unvarnished truth…


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3 Responses to Piss-weak excuses and defensiveness

  1. leavergirl says:

    “handing out feedback forms with people’s names written on them already”

    Well, that should tell ya… they are not in the same game you’re in… Heh. Stop nagging… do something outrageous…? 🙂

  2. pendantry says:

    You got a busted link up there on Dunning Kruger.

    (Why is it that with all these years of adding go-faster stripes into computing systems that software still isn’t written to detect obvious errors such as this? — Suggested answer: Dunning Kruger effect…)

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