Wild about waiting

This is from a wonderful book published by Verso, called “I’m with the bears: short stories from a damaged planet.

from the story Zoogoing by Lydia Millet

“In the wild, he thought, there would be almost no waiting. Waiting was what happened to you when you lost control, when events were out of your hands or your freedom was taken from you; but in the wild there would always be trying. In the wild there must be trying and trying, he thought, and no waiting at all. Waiting was a position of dependency. Not that animals in the wild were not watchful, did not have to freeze in place, alert and unmoving – they must do so often – but it would hardly be waiting then. It would be more like pausing.”

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2 Responses to Wild about waiting

  1. Phil Korbel says:

    Funny you’re reading that Dwight – so am I. The Helen Simpson short story – Diary of An Interesting Year is possibly one of the darkest distopias I’ve ever read…and I’ve read a few.

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