Guts, and playing it as it lays

I don’t talk much (!) about my Day Job. Which has led to some confusion, surprise and (unnecessary) embarrassment on the part of some readers.

I’m still not going to talk much about my day job. Except for this;

I am part of the very small, very lucky band that have a job that is challenging, satisfying and makes people say “wow, that’s amazingly cool.”

And I get to meet many many people who inspire me. One did today. Bad stuff happens, but it’s about how you face it. (Sorry for vagueness and cod-Buddhism). I hope – but doubt – I would face similar stuff with the same grace.

To pivot – I think this is what fascinates me about Roger Federer. Yes, he’s got the carbon footprint of a mid-size African town. Yes, he shills for this and that luxury goods company. But his willingness to plug on, now that titles and so on aren’t coming as easily. I guess regular feedback punishes arrogance and complacency, but it would have been so so easy for him to flame out…

There’s a rather good blog post on the ESPN blog about him.


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