Of noble savages and golden ages

There was a time when the lion and the lamb laid down…

Not always the sharpest tool in the box, I’ve only just realised that the Rousseauean idea of a “noble savage” where everyone lives in harmony with nature is a variation of the old ‘Atlantis’/Shangri-La myth of a utopia where government was uncorrupt, people lived in harmony with each other. One is a rural idyll, one a sort of ‘urban’ (though a vastly different meaning of the word to what we have now) idyll.

Best book I read on utopias and “back to nature” – King Fisher Lives by Julian Rathbone.


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One Response to Of noble savages and golden ages

  1. leavergirl says:

    I have an awesome book on utopias published in England… can’t find the date, early 80s?

    Utopia, by Ian Todd and Michael Wheeler. Full of fascinating illustrations. I keep going back to it.

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