The Judas Kiss

A few months ago, Mrs Towers and I saw a short film based on Peter Goldsworthy‘s short story “The Kiss”, followed by a Q and A with the man himself.

The film, by Ashlee Page, is a corker. The story was about two boys stuck in a water tank they’ve gone for a swim in. The films switches gender and… well, no spoilers.
Performances are great – two girls on the cusp of womanhood, full of courage, frailty, smartness, dumbness, desire and repression.
There’s lots I can’t say…


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One Response to The Judas Kiss

  1. wereldbol says:

    Any chance of getting some answers from the Q&A you went to. I have two pupils working on the story and they have some interesting questions, but neither the producer of The Kiss or Goldsworthy is answering their e-mails. Shame!

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