Forgive ourselves, we know not what we do?

There are significant horizons to our understanding

Imagine attempting to run an electrical grid without an understanding of the hygiene of insulation and proper grounding required. The fireworks and arcs of current released would frighten, distract, and destroy far more than whatever meager benefits were ever accomplished. You would begin to doubt whether there was any point in even trying. Or think of surgery before any understanding of germ theory. Sure, some people survived, but that was in spite of the efforts taken to help them. We are in a similar position regarding the current state of our efforts to find a way past the collapsing paradigms all about us. We make partially successful attempts that are more often than not short-circuited by our misunderstanding of how our habitual conditioning gets in the way. It would be like touching a live wire to the tongue before hooking up a workable circuit, or wiping our surgical saws on our aprons and turning to the next patient. Habits that might be harmless for a tailor or a wood-cutter are suddenly disastrous to an electrician or a surgeon.

btw, that burning smell is the cake melting, this being the 1000th post on this site.


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2 Responses to Forgive ourselves, we know not what we do?

  1. marc roberts says:

    Happy one thousand, Mr Towers

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