Checklist to decrease (slightly) the likelihood you’ll fool yourself

From a post at Club Troppo called “Counteracting our biases”, which begins.

In an earlier post, and one of a series by me and subsequently Ken as well, I suggested that an important part of any professional education should be a kind of counter-narrative in which those who learn a profession are also made familiar with that profession’s cognitive biases, with a view to lessening them in practice.

The post then goes on to give a list of questions you should ask yourself about the provenance and quality of the information and reasoning behind (group) decisions. A handy list, IMHO.


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2 Responses to Checklist to decrease (slightly) the likelihood you’ll fool yourself

  1. Antonio Dias says:

    “You two stay here and watch ‘im till I come back.”

    “Got that?”

    “Right, we go with you…”

    This is a lot like the other limits of managerialism, like Systems Thinking. A body of study points out that attempts to manage and control complexity – and it’s all complexity! – are bound to fail and set-off numerous “unintended” consequences. The response by the managerial types is,

    “Right, well here’s how we can use that to manage better!”

    To mix a related Holly Grail metaphor into the mix, they built a castle….

    We’re supposed to admire such single-minded perseverance!


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