Youtubes to be made in 2012

Hell, I enjoy making them, and they get a few views (more if I did the boring grunt work of publicising them…)

So, if you’ve seen any of my videos, please throw comments my way, re: style and subject matter. Thanks in advance…
(Below is my thinking on this)

slick (narration sorted)
straightforward language
with an identifiable start and finish (title and credits!)

windows live movie maker, I think…
digital voice recorder
video camera

How to – create a newsletter, give a speech, make a youtube, run a participatory meeting, run a workshop, read government documents, submit a foia, “win” with a denialist, write a press release
Manchester Climate Monthly – aims and goals, how you can help, “latest issue says”
Brains!! – the various bits and how it all fits together… (brain stem, pons, medulla, cerebellum, mid-brain, cortex)
Book reviews (ongoing)
Political labels – fascist, communist, reactionary, anarchist, neo-liberal, neo-conservative, social democrats
History – British empire, European Expansion, Space Travel
Seven Deadly Sins
Seven Cardinal Virtues
Cognitive Biases
Ego Defence Mechanisms

One offs
Supernormal stimuli
“scripted disorientation” (Gruen transfer, Fred Jameson in Cult Logic..)
How does a carbon dioxide molecule “trap” energy Why doesn’t O2 or Nitrogen
Stuart Hall’s neoliberalism essay
Ponzi schemes
Advertising and the colonising of minds
IPCC’s fifth assessment report
Disease and morality
Bourdieu’s habitus
Moral Entrepreneurs
Helmet Fire
The porn wars
Social Movements
Climate Mitigation
Climate Adaptation
Folk Song Army and the Smugosphere…
Fantasy documents
Complexity versus complicated
Co-optation – (make him an offer, venus fly-trap…)
Cliques, Friendship networks and Affinity Groups
Clumsy Organisatoins
What did you THINK was going to happen? (Camus’ Plague, No such thing as a free lunch. Are you fucking INSANE?)
Fear and Ambiguity and Anterior Cingulate Cortex and the Amygdala (not phrenology)


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One Response to Youtubes to be made in 2012

  1. marc roberts says:

    So you’re planning to take it easy then?

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