Paying our barnacle bill…

OK, so I bought this ‘self-help’ book from the 60s to a) laugh at it/feel superior and b) see if there was anything with which I could, um, help myself.
Actually, it – “Beyond Success and Failure” by Willard and Marguerite Beecher 1966 Simon and Schuster Books – was really really good (unless you’re homosexual, but that’s another story). Sort of Nietzsche in full ‘slave morality’ mode sits down with the Buddha, with Alfred Adler moderating…

Liberation from the degradation of dependency is not possibly unless we can identify the multiple forms of dependence as they arise to make claims on us. We tend to collect dependencies as a boat collects barnacles on its bottom. And their effect on our lives is much the same. Only by developing full awareness of them can we deal with the distortion they bring. But as long as we have not identified the masks they wear, we cannot escape being a victim of them. Our most important task its to maintain constant watch and unmask them as they arise. Habit never rests.
Page 25-6


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