The primacy of the joy of co-operation…

Primacy… primates. See what I did there? (tumbleweed). It’s ok, I’ll see myself out…

The story, from wired, is here.


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One Response to The primacy of the joy of co-operation…

  1. Antonio Dias says:

    Interesting that the article, and maybe the researchers themselves, played into the “Ladder of Being” trope and seemed to find the most valuable lesson to be an opportunity for self-congratulation.

    News Flash! Humans seem to be motivated by the suicidal desire to have their preconceptions and Egocentricity confirmed over any other result. Willing to enter into any sort of activity so long as they can come out feeling superior to all others.

    That studying motivation might lead to insights into how we might modify our suicidal course seems just too hard for the busy minds working away at following careers, whether in Primate Research or Journalism, it seems.

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