White Skin Privilege

Effort is made to draw attention to the fact that ‘white skin is privileged by institutions and practices and provides material and psychological entitlements to white people. Examples of these privileges and entitlements may be as seemingly trivial as ‘being able to swear or wear second hand clothes without it being blamed on the bad morals or poverty of one’s race’ through to more profound benefits, such as ‘not having to educate one’s children about racism to protect them’. In a deeply racialised world these structural and cultural privileges are most often considered to be natural and therefore unproblematic, while other markers of non-white ethnicity are distinguished by the difference to the white norm. The invisibility of whiteness tends to mean that the unfair privileges and dominance enjoyed by people with white skin are generally not even considered as an explanation for race-based inequities.

Page 112 of Beyond White Guilt by Sarah Maddison

And then of course there’s ableism  and heteronormativity as well.  It’s almost  as if the world is ‘designed’ for middle-class straight white men.  No, wait…


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One Response to White Skin Privilege

  1. There is so much truth in, and conversation to be had about this post. Thank you for sharing.

    Grace & Peace,

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