Film Reviews: Deathrace and Transporter 2

Last night was Jason Stratham night chez Towers. Deathrace was simply ‘“The Running Man” in prison,’ with Joan Allen taking the role of the guy from Family Feud. If you like cars and guns and women with big tits doing improbable things, this is the film for you. Far scarier and more plausible is “Series 7: The Contenders.” Mrs Towers described Deathrace as ‘industrial Mad Max meets Shawshank Redemption” – ouch!! (Mixed-race bromance, I think she’s referring to).

I’d not had the pleasure of the original Transporter, so the nuance and emotional impact of the dialogue and backstory was lost on me. Fortunately there was wall-to-wall impossible stunts and and bone-crunching fights for me to console myself with, and a henchwoman with skinny legs all the way up to her armpits. I never knew Learjets were so tough, or that killer viruses waited until antidotes had been extracted from baddies before killing rich white nice people. One lives and learns.

(I read the first two sentences of my Transporter 2 review out to Mrs Towers, while congratulating myself on capturing its essence. She agreed-ish, but said I’d missed out the words ‘utter shite’. She preferred the cars of Deathrace.)


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