Film Review: Something’s gotta give me viewing pleasure – this wasn’t it

What a waste of fine actors (especially Frances McDormand – thrown away as Diane Keaton’s smart younger sister).  What a waste of a reasonablish set up in the first half hour, (in which ancient lothario Jack Nicholson is struck down by a heart attack before he can shag Diane Keaton’s daughter, and must recuperate in her house).  What a re-tread of the tedious Grumpy Old Man Gets to Have It All mem (Jack Nicholson gets to play Jack Nicholson, as per that Helen Hunt film As Good as it Gets.)
Poor Keanu Reeves gets to be a cardboard (or is that card boring?) saint. Amanda Peet gets to look frankly edible.

This was every bit as stupid a wish-fulfilment movie as the Lee Child/Jodi Picoult books that I reviewed here.
I do wish I could have those two hours of my life back.  Reader(s) – please, Learn From My Mistake…


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