Youtube: Jevons’ Paradox for Beginners

A youtube video with… video?!

PS Kudos to Mr Towers’ mum. She was right, again. I hate that!!

PPS I should have put this in the (lengthy) post queue, but am too damn proud of myself…

PPS What do folks think?


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2 Responses to Youtube: Jevons’ Paradox for Beginners

  1. Moth says:

    I disagree and have got myself into numerous debates about this subject with various people. Personally, I think it’s used as a cop-out to avoid action.
    While it is true that Jevon’s Paradox has been played out, this is not the fault of efficiency, but the boneheaded approach we so love to indulge in.
    Efficiency is, after all, a method, nothing more. Any method, without guidance doesn’t function properly. Efficiency without purpose leads to what we’ve witnessed; efficiency to feed the growth economy.
    If, instead, we were to set boundaries in which human activities must function, then efficiency maximises the standard of living per unit of whatever measure.
    Politicians use the term as little more than green spin. Various advocates demonise it perpetuate whatever form of business as usual they’re a fan of.
    Personally, I feel we’re overlooking a wonderful instigator to invention because our economic-heads are screwed on backwards.

  2. dwighttowers says:

    Thanks for commenting. I think we agree (or rather, I certainly agree with you!), and the problem is best summed up by the phrase “improved means to unimproved ends.”

    What we are all (the amount of dissent is with in the error bar) refusing to admit is that there’s a finite amount of abuse that our planet can take…

    Kevin Anderson of the UK Tyndall Centre has a terrific and wrist-slashingly precise presentation on this …

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