Not a laugh riot. My inevitable two cents

Watching from afar it’s, well, astonishing, but not surprising [insert glib comments about ‘expecting powder keg to explode sooner or later’ here].

Laurie Penny has made good and widely distributed comments.

This from an Australian hack on the scene is interesting.

The student protests of the past 12 months may have had their moments of argy-bargy with police, but their presence on the streets was always a means to a political end. With the rioters, the presence is the end. What’s genuinely terrifying is that this is civil action that is not working towards an ultimately peaceful outcome, but existing within a paradigm of perceived futurelessness shared by the young rioters. Those asking why these young people aren’t concerned about the personal consequences of their behaviour need to understand that thanks to the efficient policy implementation of the Tories and their Liberal Democrat buddies, these kids effectively have no future… so why not grab a nice television if you’re spiralling towards oblivion, anyway?

And there’s a bit of (my half of) an email exchange with a friend who has been out reporting it all…

The need to punish these people will be extreme (psychological, political). Miliband will enter into a bidding war with Cameron to see who can be the most draconian. Expect to see lots of technosolutions too – the ankle-bracelet things, GPS, biometrics rolled out big time. This is all an absolute GIFT to the national security apparatus. Not quite on the scale of 911 for the Americans, because the UK pound isn’t the planet’s reserve currency the way the US dollar is (ahem, was).

Maybe the [website] could run a contest to see who can spot the loopiest suggestion? My favourite in these circumstances is always “National Service” – yes, that’s EXACTLY what we should do to kids with a proven willingness to fuck shit up – teach them military strategy and tactics and the efficient and disciplined use of lethal weaponry. I mean, what could possibly go wrong with that??

Stay safe mate. This is not a story worth getting physically damaged for…


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One Response to Not a laugh riot. My inevitable two cents

  1. Phil K says:

    or bang em up so … they can learn to be better crims.

    Actually – unsurprising – the ‘scratch a good liberal and watch the daily Mail reader emerge’ thing has so come true to day. Was quite torn coming today after seeing the shop below my office getting trashed on TV last night. Posted this to my FB – and getting a whole load of ‘they had it coming’ stuff back. So yes – let the competition to see who can bring back the stocks quick enough commence!

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