Youtube: The Great Chain of Being

Apols for so many posts (I know, I should keep to one a day…). But have just thrown this youtube together (trying to reduce/clear a large backlog of projects).

It was a convention amongst scientists to regard an expedition to Antarctica as a journey in time as much as space. On Scott’s last expedition, this paradigm prompted an arduous winter trek to collect an egg from an emperor penguin. Believing the penguin to be the most primitive bird, Scott’s scientists hoped that its embryology would reveal the evolutionary link between reptiles and birds. Like Australia, Antarctica was seen to be a museum continent, inhabited by creatures, often crude and quaint, that have elsewhere passed away and given place to higher forms.
from Mawson of the Antarctic, Flynn of he Inland: progressive heroes on Australia’s ecological frontiers by Brigid Hains, in Ecology and Empire: Environmental History of Settler Societies, eds T. Griffiths and L. Robin, 1997

and in case the embedding bug is still at play, here’s the link.


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