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Tyrannical emotions…

Centre to uncover the essence of humanity Luke Slattery Weds June 1, 2011, The Australian The centre is structured around a roll-call of investigators from Australia, Europe and North America, one of whom is the University of Queensland’s Peter Holbrook, … Continue reading

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Only following orders..

Peter Corris has been writing his hard-boiled “Cliff Hardy” novels for over 30 years now. There’s been some typical elasticity with Hardy’s age (heroes age more slowly than mere mortals!), but the series has legs… Here’s a clip from a … Continue reading

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Trying to sleep on Murphy’s waterbed…

This is genius, IMHO. “It was observed by many participants that if you push a problem down in one place it will pop up in another, usually unpredictable, place, a phenomenon labeled by one participant as Murphy’s waterbed.” Walker, B., … Continue reading

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Obama and Mozambique – inconvenient facts spoiling a racist storyline

Barack Obama is a meat puppet for the corporations, it’s true. And cool as Mozambique’s Frelimo government was from 1975 to the mid-80s (and relatively uncorrupt, according to clear-eyed observers like Joseph Hanlon) but made plenty of Stalinesque mistakes. My … Continue reading

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Those pesky “cascading ecological crises”

Have just read a really interesting article from the June 2011 issue of the journal “Public Administration.” It’s called Institutional and Political Leadership Dimensions of Cascading Ecological Crises, and it’s by a bunch of scientists/policy wonks at the Stockholm Resilience … Continue reading

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Clock punching

Good to remember that something as “natural” as time is not so natural… The failure of France and Russia to radically alter the calendar to suit their national requirements has to be appreciated in the context of changes in time … Continue reading

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Trained Incapacity – climate denialists, much?

Herman Kahn was a Doctor Strangelove character handily eviscerated by Noam Chomsky back in the day. Anyhow, here is a short piece he wrote slagging off humanities graduates. It has other applications as well, I would suggest… The Expert and … Continue reading

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