Tyrannical emotions…

Centre to uncover the essence of humanity
Luke Slattery
Weds June 1, 2011, The Australian

The centre is structured around a roll-call of investigators from Australia, Europe and North America, one of whom is the University of Queensland’s Peter Holbrook, a Shakespeare and renaissance literature professor….
“The politics and distinction between reason and the passions are fascinating too. John Milton, for example, sees the tyrant as the person who has essentially lost control over his or her own passionate desires. Tyrants are driven to oppress others in order to gratify their own appetites [for pleasure, wealth, and so on]. They are not truly free but, as he put it, enthralled to themselves. A genuinely free society, a commonwealth, he thought, depended on the ability of people to master their own drives, to practise self-government, to embody what Milton calls, inspiringly, rational liberty.”


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2 Responses to Tyrannical emotions…

  1. Antonio Dias says:

    There is this tyranny in each of us. And I’m not just being nice.

    There is a tyranny in the pursuit of justice. In this, the self-appointed victim looking for an excuse to dominate is in the same position as the well-intentioned lover of liberty. There is no escape from tyranny outside of a suspension of our violent emotions, no matter how well justified they may seem. Suspension as Bohm describes it is not repression, it is an attitude of observing and letting go.

    This is another example of letting go of a striving, let’s say after justice, is actually a way towards arriving at the chance for greater justice. At least it opens up the possibility for us to come to grips with our lives and not be just another part of “the problem.”

  2. dwighttowers says:

    This Bohm chap – I am going to have to get more into him! I shall send you excerpts from the Peter Senge book I mentioned…

    From one of my favourite thrillers “The Bourne Ultimatum”
    Landy: If you go down this road, where does it end?
    Vosen: It ends when we’ve WON….

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