Obama and Mozambique – inconvenient facts spoiling a racist storyline

Barack Obama is a meat puppet for the corporations, it’s true. And cool as Mozambique’s Frelimo government was from 1975 to the mid-80s (and relatively uncorrupt, according to clear-eyed observers like Joseph Hanlon) but made plenty of Stalinesque mistakes.

My point is this though – in both cases, the mere existence of these players was immensely damaging to the racist storyline that white people must be in charge for the good of everyone.

This explains, IMHO, some of the batshit craziness we’re seeing in the States at the moment (from an admittedly high baseline). Obama is very intelligent, an awesome public speaker and – corporate meat-puppetry aside – seems to be a decent human being. And it explains the unrelenting ferocity of the South African attacks on Mozambique in the 80s. The apartheid government knew they were 4 million whites versus 28 millions others (mostly black African). A crucial part of their psychological armour was the argument that blacks couldn’t run a country. Having a functioning neighbour run by blacks was just not allowable…

So it goes.


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