Too damn polite

Politeness (in the sense of being a sheep, not in the sense of being concerned about other people’s feelings) is a huge problem. Most organisers seem paralysed within the smugosphere; they’ve left the big tribe of mainstream-ness, and that seems to have used up all their courage, so now they dare not rock the smaller boat… (bit of a mixed metaphor there!)

And the standards are lower, since there’s no selection pressure, and nobody expects to win. And efficiency is actually frowned upon. As is innovation.

“We ain’t ever gonna survive unless we get a little crazy.”


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2 Responses to Too damn polite

  1. Antonio Dias says:


    At the risk of being impolite, I’d like to admit that I don’t value efficiency and see innovation as a toxic mimic of creativity.

    I agree fully that movement parties do all that you say they do, but I don’t expect them to do anything else.

  2. Hi Antonio,

    we might be having a “definition debate” here without knowing it. By efficiency I mean choosing goals (like “creating a network of people” and then taking plausible steps to achieve that goal.
    And I don’t mean innovation for the sake of it, I mean innovation AWAY from all the toxic power games and status shite that infests social movements.

    Or perhaps you knew exactly what I meant and just disagree. 🙂 So it goes…

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