Networks schmetworks

Lisa Gye Putting work back into networks
Reel Time 102, page 42
Language is now littered with words whose status as noun or verb appears conflated. To “text,” to “message,” to “email,” to “google,” and event to “facebook” another person describes activities that most of us perform every day. The same could be said of the word “network,” which lends its semantic load to both things in the world and activities that we engage in with seemingly increasingly frequency. However, as the works in the Monash University Museum of Art’s latest exhibition demonstrate, despite the efficacy with which the word permeates social discourse, network is a complex, slippery term. As a descriptor, its use is so widespread that it acts to empty out meaning rather than create it. “What is it?” “Oh, it’s a network.” But what exactly does this mean?

And bugger, I was in Melbourne at the time, and wasn’t well enough networked to know about it… Sigh. Really must buy the catalogue, just resent paying seven bucks for postage!


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  1. vera says:

    Interesting that the language is reversing its long trend toward nouns and is producing a slew of new verbs… I think it’s a good sign.

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