Clutterbug Zine – two thumbs up!!

[text deleted] Lots about travel, but this one is about purging – about de-cluttering and consumerism (especially the “hipster” anti-consumerist consumerism our type of people indulge in. [text deleted]

Top tip if you’re de-cluttering: before opening a cupboard or garage or whatever, try to list what is in there. Then open it and see what you actually have. Take with a large pinch of salt any claim you might make to yourself that you ‘need’ whatever it was that you forgot you had – if you couldn’t name it, you probably don’t need it.

The criteria I used was as follows;
when did I last use this thing?
If I didn’t have this thing, would I buy it?
If I had to pay to transport this, would I keep it?
When do I anticipate needing this next?
Does having this save money or cost money?
How do I feel about this thing?
[Quoting a friend] “Yes – I forced myself to dispose of 12 metres of books. Excruciatingly difficult. It’s all about ego and what you want to show people and how just having books makes you a ‘book person’. Nonsense. Again, it’s interesting what’s left. A collection to impress or satisfy no one but myself. (Not htat I ever tried to build a collection to impress anyone but I think that when one drills down to why one hangs on, then it is an ego issue).”
And yet, outside of the rink three were all these little stands selling funkier-than-thou little cutesy handicrafts along the lines of the self-consciously retro and dorky, so-uncool-it-is-way-cooler-than-your-store-bought stuff, brooches and studiedly awkward little asymmetrical stuffed rabbits (a bargain at $35!) of the type that appear in Frankie magazine. (Frankie is post-teenage drivel for alternative types, who need the world to realise that they are alternative and are not just dorks. Actually, many are not even dorks, as part of dorkiness is not caring what anyone else thinks. However,being dorky is sufficiently cool and acceptable now that, if you can’t cut it as one of those plastic-fantastic Barbie-like women (and really, why ever would you want to?), the dorky identity offers something else to latch on to if you actually do care what people think.) The presence of these little shops turns a ‘flow’ experience into one of desire/acquire/own.
Grazing social networking, hoping that someone is there for us, is neither relaxing nor productive – like the lure of poker machines, the unpredictable rewards of Facebook and Twitter keeps us going back in the hope of messages waiting and approving comments on our sparkling doings.
And she has a great line on hypocrisy
“Indulge me in my glass house while I throw a few rocks”
And she really likes the novel Brazzaville Beach, which I should read…


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