Cuckoos clocked

Attention Conservation Notice: Enabling “bullshit activism unchallenged” activism is like feeding a cuckoo in the nest.

In the world of climate change mitigation (talking about cutting emissions), there is a concept of “Business as Usual” – what happens if we just carry on as we are, not bothering to conserve, switch to renewables etc (see leavingbabylon for a good explanation of why that’s not such an adequate idea anyhow).

As is always the case, a three letter acronym (TLA) is formed. Business As Usual becomes “BAU” emissions.

As part of my ongoing (and stonkingly successful) campaign to irritate and alienate ever more activists and social movement organisations, I offer an alternative BAU TLA.

bullshit activism unchallenged.

By now you’ve probably heard about the Smugosphere, Ghetto Homeostasis, organisations using audiences as “ego-fodder”. Forms of activism that either don’t have any achievable short-term goals at all, or else are unwilling to impose structure and/or discipline upon themselves in order to chase out the leeches and parasites.

Well, I’m sick of the smugosphere and all who smug in her. And I’m ashamed of my complicity thus far in that. I refuse any more to spend my limited time and energy in projects that are only going to meet the social or ideological needs of small groups of self-selected Concerned Folk. I refuse to collude with the comforting illusions and delusions.

Cuckoos have got a very good strategy. They lay their eggs in other birds’ nests. The parents, not recognising an interloper when they see one, then spend precious energy and food raising something that is of no assistance to their (genetic) cause. Suckers.

Well, I’ve been- intermittently – doing the same. No more. Ya Basta.

Doubtless there’s some out there who as think “Meh, it’s not so much Atlas Shrugged as Arsehole Shrugged.” Fine – see you in hell, Mola Ram.


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One Response to Cuckoos clocked

  1. vera says:

    I don’t care how many letters they sent
    Morning came and morning went
    Pick up your money and pack up your tent
    You ain’t goin’ nowhere

    Dylan on bullshit activism… 😉

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