The Death of Cod

Am reading a bunch of stuff on resilience (and writing a bit too). A new friend (I hope) lent me her copy of “Linking Social and Ecological Systems: Management Practices and Social Mechanisms for Building Resilience.” This quote below is from a chapter called

Crossing the threshold of ecosystem resilience: the commercial extinction of northern cod
A. Christopher Finalyson and Bonnie J. McCay

The situation began to change after World War II. With much of the infrastructure of European agriculture in ruins, fish became a vital source of food. Under this impetus, and incorporating technologies developed during the war – inexpensive steel ship construction, powerful diesel engines, shipboard refrigeration and freezing, and electronics for precise navigation, long-distance communications, bottom imaging and fish-finding – the hungry nations of Europe, led by the Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact member states, developed distant-water fishing capacity and combined these technologies into a new and devastatingly effective configuration: the factory freeze-trawler. With the size and strength to fish in ice-ridden waters and all but the worst storms, these ships could be directed by their corporate or state owners to wherever catch rates were highest. Supplied via motherships with food, fuel and fresh crews from their home ports, these vessels could fish the year round and stay at sea indefinitely. By the mid-1960s, their numbers were so great that the Newfoundland fishing banks at night were described as a ‘city of lights’ (see Warner, 1983)
page 316
Warner, 1983 Distant Water: The Fate of the North Atlantic Fisherman Boston: Little, Brown and Company

Yup. Those technological developments from States funding new ways of killing other States’ populations better were then turned to what I like to call bio-Taylorism – the forcing of biological systems to conform to Taylorist principles of ‘production’. It will end in tears. It is ending in tears…


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One Response to The Death of Cod

  1. vera says:

    Second world war was a turning point. All that build-up for the purpose of decimation… looking for something else to decimate when Germany lay in ruins…

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