“Youtube if you want to…”

The idea is to make a series of short (ideally 3 minute) youtube videos that are funny, slick, use straightforward language. In a perfect world they’ll come out weekly (but therefore I’d need to have a backlog of about 10 of the blighters. Anyone wanna pitch in on scripts/image ideas etc?

What is…
the metabolic rift
ecological modernisation
post-ecological thinking
terror management theory
apocalypse and its consolations
nonviolent direct action
a social movement
climate mitigation
climate adaptation
the problem/solution ratio
participatory democracy
an ooda loop
the spatial fix
Jevons’ paradox

How to…
create a newsletter
give a speech
make a youtube
run a participatory meeting
run a workshop
read government documents
submit a FOIA and pursue it…

Carbon History of the World
Climate Change metaphors (blankets, bath-tub)

(the title is a reference to that fool Hazel Blears and her little flounce out before the 2010 election…)


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