Market Fundamentalists believe everything will work out “automagically”

I’ve not been keeping up with “Climate Progress” – not because the quality dropped (Joseph Romm somehow manages an insanely high output with never a dud post) but because perhaps I needed a little time away from the dreadosphere.

Anyhows, the comments at CP are mint. In a discussion about when/if climate denialists might wake up and smell the over-roasted coffee, there’s this, which I quote in full (with emphasis added)

Lou Grinzo says:
March 22, 2011 at 3:07 pm
The whole issue of why some people can’t or won’t understand the plain facts of ACC really does boil down to one of prior belief and politics, as other have said above. This is why I keep saying over and over that it’s a gigantic mistake for those of us in the reality camp to think this is a purely scientific debate or that we can sway people with facts. It just ain’t gonna happen, even if you assume, as I do, that the hard core deniers are beyond reach and we’re focused solely on the vast number of people who are not yet engaged on the issue.
The most maddening thing about the Market Fundamentalists is how blind they are to their own degree of dependence on (gasp!) government intervention in the “free” market. Ask one of them how they would feel about living in a world with absolutely no government regulation of medicine, food, motor vehicles, financial markets, and consumer products in general. Would they like to live in a world where the powerful could chew up and spit out the average consumer to a much, much greater degree than we see today? Do they even realize that zero government intervention is not Nirvana, it’s brutal economic anarchy? Trust me — many of them don’t understand that, and I’ve had this discussion numerous times with such people. They think we live in a magical universe that loves and coddles us, and all we need to do is let everyone pursue their own pleasures like an unmonitored 14-year old boy on the Internet and everything will automagically turn out just peachy.
They’re even more shocked when I tell them that the level of government intervention that will be needed to address CC will be orders of magnitude beyond what they would prefer, and that they themselves are ensuring that turn of events, and making it much worse by fighting action to combat CC now.
The ultimate kicker is when I tell them that many people on “my side” hate that level of government intrusion as much as they do, but we realize it’s a choice between that and catastrophic impacts.
Yes, my wife often acts like she doesn’t know me at social gatherings. Why do you ask…?


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2 Responses to Market Fundamentalists believe everything will work out “automagically”

  1. leavergirl says:

    When I finally get my arse into one of them Tea Party meetings, this is exactly what I want to make them face. Ok, so you are against government handouts and entitlements that make the govt bloated. Are you equally against such entitlements to corporations and agribiz and the rich? (If they say yes, I got them trapped. 🙂

  2. dwighttowers says:

    Let us know how you get on…

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