Lack of Rods for our own back

Attention Conservation Notice: Inane burblings on the upside of anti-Mammon rhetoric. And wikipedia links, and an Oliver Stone flick…

Forget how, but while having brunch with Witty and Glamorous (WAG) friend, (who is neither a wife nor a girlfriend), the question of Greed and Consumer-head-ism came up
I opined modestly that Christianity and other anti-greed religions used to act as dampeners, as control rods to keep greed on some sort of leash, however long and ineffective. Greed, with itself as its own fuel, is entering a chain reaction.* The evidence seems to suggest that it gets beyond containment and irradiates everything around it.

In the same way we talk about ‘beer goggles’ and “the green-eyed monster” and “the red mist”, do we need a phrase “greed goggles”? Probably not…

Sumptuary laws

Greed is good (Gordon Gekko speech)

* This lets the advertising industry off the hook, of course. And them’s just maidservants…)


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