Pseuds Corner – all-time winner, surely

I’m sending this to the relevant authorities at Private Eye. I should get a big fat cheque, if there’s any justice, but Lord Gnome is a notorious tightwad…

Reel Time, a generally interesting Australian arts newspaper and theory journal, asked lots of arts world inhabitants “What Next – 2011?” Standing head and shoulders above all other replies is this –

Tracing lines beyond the map. Deleuze and Gutarri’s [sic] rhizome engenders an operational velocity that is ever apparent, though sometimes perhaps only to myself. There are lines and tracings that flow through Revelation and other aspects of theoretical, literary, curatorial, and programming work with which I continually engage , both above and below the maps of culture. Presently deep in exploring trauma and film academically, this may well contribute to interesting decisions subsequently. As ever, I feel the need to be fighting the powers of boredom and stasis, searching for new films and expressions that challenge and stimulate, striving to present the limitless potentialities that can be reached.
Jack Sargeant, Program Director, Revelation Perth International Festival, author, nihilistic bon vivant.

Yes, a nihilistic bon vivant who – it seems – can’t spell Guattari.

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