Your hope needs renewal? Don’t try renewables…

Professor Kevin Anderson long ago explained to my satisfaction that renewables would not be deployed in time to make the kind of difference to our carbon emissions that we need to avoid dangerous climate change.

And so this, from the impressive looking “Doors of Perception” site, doesn’t make me worried…

At its heart, The Energy Report suffers from an existential flaw: It takes ‘global energy needs’ as a given, adds up how much renewable energy would be needed to meet them – and then ignores the true costs of deploying such an infrastructure. Apart from a vague commitment to ‘efficiency measures’, the report fails totally to question the energy-intensive way-of-life that a spoiled 20 percent of us across the industrial world take for granted – from fresh strawberries at Christmas, to holidays in Mauritius.
The Energy Report does not lie outright. We could, theoretically, generate the vast quantities of renewable that it promises. But at what cost? David MacKay calculates that we could deploy renewables that would deliver nearly as much energy as we use today – but only “if we threw all economic, social, and environmental constraints to the wind”.
That is what makes The Energy Report so dangerous. For the World Bank, construction and energy companies, and short-termist politicians, the report provides cover for profitable projects – and happy voters. Beguiled by the promise of “green jobs”, and the painless continuation of lifestyle-as-usual, many of us would be inclined to turn a blind eye to the environmental devastation, land-grabs, and undemocratic planning procedures, that would follow.

because we is just a dead species walking…


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One Response to Your hope needs renewal? Don’t try renewables…

  1. vera says:

    Too many “dead weight” memes out there.

    Ya know what? Energy frugality needs to be made cute and sexy, like tiny houses.

    But besides that… the PTB are scrambling to keep “growth” going. Because without growth, they are toast. Growth (economic intensification) began in rich forager societies in Upper Paleolithic. Then really took off with Holocene warmth. I keep following the folks at CASSE hoping one of these days they would say something useful, since they “say” they know how to do a steady state economy, but I think they are full of it.

    I have long threatened that once I get to be an old hag, I would get bloody rude and stop putting up with the barrage of bullshit all around. Who dares to get back at a little old lady with a cane? I thought I’d wait till I was about 80. I think I need to rethink that timeline.

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