Japanese Earthquake: collateral damage

I thought this was kinda interesting, from Katharine Murphy in The Age…
Nuclear rethink over before it’s begun

The disaster in Japan has pulled the plug on Labor talk of change.
It was just gathering momentum, the discussion Labor proposed to have with itself at the national conference later this year on nuclear energy.
But it’s over. In the minds of its architects, the unfolding crisis in Fukushima has rendered the debate impossible.
No one is saying publicly the pro-nuclear push is dead, not yet – it would be in poor taste to bloviate about domestic nuclear policy while Japan grapples with its terrible tragedy. But among Labor powerbrokers, that’s the general prognosis.

See also, on Australia and renewables debate with a Beyond Zero Emissions guy versus pro-nuclear skeptic
punched in the solar plexus, oooff!


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One Response to Japanese Earthquake: collateral damage

  1. leavergirl says:

    Bullshit. That the line these days; don’t you believe it. As soon as the Japanese disaster is off the news, the nuke industry will start pushing back… and indeed, what else have they got, if they want to keep running BAU?

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