Bizzzzness as Usual

I’ve been all happy (proud) about the phrase “ego-fodder“the audience at any public event (big or small) which has not been structured by the organisers to provoke the highest possible amount of participation, engagement and mingling.”
But I am beginning to get neologiser’s remorse. Is it too vehement a phrase? It ascribes cynical intentionality to ALL organisers of boring events. It’s perhaps an example of Fundamental Attribution Error – when there are other explanations for the behaviour being witnessed besides an innate trait in someone.
And, to be completely scientific and objective about this, a term is needed for describing events put on by current or potential friends/allies that doesn’t get their backs up by labelling their event as “ego-fodder” and them as manipulative chasers of adulation at the expense of building a movement.

I tried some others (see below) and the best I could come up with is Bizzzzness As Usual.
It’s kinda mildly amusing/humorous (in a better way than, say, “smugosphere”.) And the “zzzz” is supposed to capture the insomnia-cure-ness of it. And “BAU” can also stand for “Bullshit Activism Unchallenged.” Just sayin’…

So, Bizzzzzness as Usual is (drum roll please) “any event (rally, meeting, march etc) where, through lack of experience, empathy, courage or time the organisers have not created opportunities for the audience to become participants – able to share their ideas, experience, energy and systematically seek out people who would be useful in their future activities.

Rejected titles
Sub-standard operating procedure
Path of Least Resistance

See also
Slop, in the name of love

Random quote

The Communist Party should not be boring people to death.Wilhelm Reich

Tasteless analogy to be pursued at a later date…
These boring events, with their boring speakers (usually men) are Predator drones. Droning on, hovering above, unleashing a painful and prolonged death to the innocents below.
(With apologies to all the Afghanis killed by NATO in its defense of, um, Western values?)


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6 Responses to Bizzzzness as Usual

  1. leavergirl says:

    DT, when I sit in a horrible meeting, I do feel like fodder of some sort. Maybe not ego fodder… but some kind of fodder. Sometimes it’s egos, but other times, it’s adherence to a bad system of pointless boring agendas… or people not quite being there when they interact, like they are going through a script… or at times, a sense that the real stuff happens elsewhere, and we are just here to validate something, not even sure what. Argh!

  2. dwighttowers says:

    Spot on. Or you just KNOW that the promises made won’t be kept, and that if you try to hold people to the promises they have made you will be seen as “difficult”, not understanding the realities etc. I’ve had almost surreal experiences with this sat in rooms with bureaucrats and the politicians who are allegedly in charge of them…. Kafka eh, what did he know…

  3. leavergirl says:

    You know what? It just came to me today that all those rules and policies crafted in those meetings are really there to provide opaque veil over what *really* goes on. Your note above confirms this. Argh!

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