“Minutes are not to record events, they’re to protect people”

Once upon a time I fought (and lost) various battles with a City Council. (Co-optation– but that was in another country / And besides, the movement is dead.)
One of those battles – in which I was not joined by lily-livered people who liked to believe themselves to be holding the Council to account – was about whether decisions and statements made at meetings were to be accurately recorded or not. Cos if we couldn’t even get that right, how on earth were we to actually make the elephant tapdance in the real world? Accountability and reliability or “let’s play another round of nail the jelly* to the wall.” The latter prevailed, of course, though it didn’t have to be that way.

Anyhows, while looking for a different “Yes Minister” clip on courageous decisions, I stumbled across this,in which Sir Humphrey explains that the purpose of minutes is not to record events but to protect people.

Comedy gold.

* or “jello” for my American reader(s).


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2 Responses to “Minutes are not to record events, they’re to protect people”

  1. Bill Harrop says:

    Thanks Dwight,

    Watching that clip lightened up a very trying day 🙂


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