David Gurteen on cold feet about Knowledge Cafes

The “ego-fodder” post I did is rattling around my skull and a few other peoples (there’s a good comment with a horrible example under that post now). I will be making a youtube video (same polished and professional production standards as the others).
Meanwhile, David Gurteen, a “Knowledge Management” thinker and doer has just posed the following question. I don’t know if my comment got added, but the first one on there is pretty sad-but-true…

What is going on in the world, that when I propose a knowledge cafe instead of a talk, I am told it is not a good idea as people will not enroll if they feel they have to do something!

Is our educational system so bad that people would rather sit silent through a talk & chalk, death-by-powertpoint presentation rather than listen to a short talk followed by some engaging conversation?

Or is it that many of our organisations have created cultures where people are fearful of expressing their own opinion?


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