Johnnie Moore on The Chocolate War

Johnnie Moore (fn 1) has a really good post on Keeping It Simple Stupid, instead of over-complicating “innovation.” There’s good links and quotes to others’ work, but this LOL excerpt is pure Johnnie-

The other area of my life where I’d like to see some of this kind of taking away is in retailing. I’ll take WH Smith as the worst offender. I want them to remove the candy-gauntlet through which I walk to the till. This absurd rat run takes up lots of space. And even when you get to the end, they make their staff ask every customer to buy a pound bag of sweets at the checkout. I dare say this has some apparent bottom line advantage, but it comes at a human price. It makes me feel embarrassed for the staff and I can’t imagine it does anything for their morale. And it means I avoid WH Smith like the plague whenever I can.

Candy-gauntlet!! That is superb. I will never look at that space in the same way again.

fn 1 – I have to declare an interest – Johnnie has just pointed his readers to a recent post of mine (Aesop for the Modern World), and tweeted it. This always does wonders for my viewing stats!

PS For those on whom the Chocolate War reference is lost – it was a great “young adult” novel by Robert Cormier, about a Catholic school with a real bullying problem, and the one guy who resisted by, ultimately, [spoiler alert]




not fighting. Well worth a read, no matter your age.

UPDATE – Johnnie Moore’s 2009 piece on “commitment ceremonies” is absolutely brilliant!


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