Isle believe it when I see it.

Marc Roberts, the fantastic cartoonist, has been playing with (i.e. recycling) the “desert island” cliche.

Here’s his latest (and last, for now anyhow) desert isle cartoon.

Two propositions
a) many people have now backed themselves into such a corner, and made such vehement statements that there’s No Such Thing as climate change that they will find it very very difficult to admit there is. To say that would be to say they had displayed piss-poor judgment on the crucial issue of the 21st century (and the 22nd, 23rd…) Expect to see lots of wriggling on the hook. [Or they agree it’s happening, but are doing nowt about it.]
b) their discomfort at this, and their terror at what is coming is going to lead to a lot of “shooting the messenger.”

Tonight: The long-awaited (sic) posts with snappy titles like “Australia Day Citizenship Ceremony” and “Thinking about thinking about thinking”


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