Davos – clueless as ever

This cartoon by Chapatte is from the New York Times, and is spot on. Our Lords and Masters are clueless, for reasons they at best only dimly understand. Laurie Garrett got it right, years ago when she said (see below cartoon)…

The world isn’t run by a clever cabal. It’s run by about 5,000 bickering, sometimes charming, usually arrogant, mostly male people who are accustomed to living in either phenomenal wealth, or great personal power. A few have both. Many of them turn out to be remarkably naive — especially about science and technology. All of them are financially wise, though their ranks have thinned due to unwise tech-stock investing. They pay close heed to politics, though most would be happy if the global political system behaved far more rationally — better for the bottom line. They work very hard, attending sessions from dawn to nearly midnight, but expect the standards of intelligence and analysis to be the best available in the entire world. They are impatient. They have a hard time reconciling long term issues (global warming, AIDS pandemic, resource scarcity) with their daily bottomline foci. They are comfortable working across languages, cultures and gender, though white caucasian males still outnumber all other categories. They adore hi-tech gadgets and are glued to their cell phones.

Welcome to Earth: meet the leaders.


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3 Responses to Davos – clueless as ever

  1. mike k says:

    Meanwhile corporations and the military largely run the world (into the ground).
    A huge apparatus of clever henchmen carry out the basic intentions of the arrogant ignorant greedy few.

  2. leavergirl says:

    Laughing at them is a great strategy. That vague body of “we the people” needs to get over the awe such top aggrandizers are viewed with.

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