The BP Deepwater Horizon Spill? It torture nothing

Unfortunately, these scientists are like the doctors monitoring the vital signs of torture victims at black op sites around the world. They diligently track pulse, blood pressure, and heart rates to ensure that the victim stays alive so the torture can continue. Mostly these victims have been declared “high value” and worthy of our torture because they have something that we desire. The ocean is undergoing the same treatment and with the same effects. We will monitor the victim, in this case the ocean, as we extract the objects of high value from her. We will discuss just how much stress we can inflict before the victim succumbs altogether from our torture. And then with collective indifference, we will move on.

This is a comment under Naomi Klein’s excellent article about the BP Deepwater Horizon spill’s aftermath…

See also Green Confucianism (blog post here and youtube video here.)

As I’ve said, The clue is in the name. “Deepwater”. “Horizon”. As in, the oil companies are having to look for our fossil fuels in all the wrong places. The low hanging fruit is plucked, but the Beast is hungry and it Must Be Fed.

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