Movements – ups and dooowwwns

A few things worthwhile bits of writing (by other people) about the nature of movements and their (possible) growth.

Chris Johnston (declare an interest – in a bit of a mutual appreciation society with the man) has written a stonkingly good critique of the assumptions behind the latest NGO-led ‘let’s grow a climate movement by doing another lot of top-down bollocks’ fest in the UK.

Meanwhile, the clever folks at Rhizome have done a really clever and astute analogy about burglars and getting (“new”) people energised at meetings and beyond. Well worth many minutes of your time.

Finally, this below comes from an Australian publication called “Quarterly Essay.

Yet if the “grass roots” nature of the green movement has nurtured and developed the [Green] party, and new styles of meetings and consensus politics have kept people involved and committed, it is quite possible to overstate the “democratic” nature of such movements. In fact they are far more susceptible to small groups of activists, not least to those with agendas almost calculated to drive away recruits. The grass roots flourish only when there is a campaign in action, and one cannot do it all of the time.

Page 81 of Quarterly Essay 9 Jack Waterford

On semi-related topics – there’s Johnnie Moore’s weblog of useful writings and links, and a new post about the delusions of people building castles in the air on the ever-excellent “Leaving Babylon”

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