Meetings matter – how to make them better

There’s been a bit of discussion on a couple of excellent websites  (Chris Johnston’s Activism is my rent and Rhizome) and also a post with lots of good comments here at DT, about a much complained-of but little-done-about topic – meetings.

This latest post on Rhizome deserves to be widely read (and, gasp, acted upon).

Here’s a taster-

So the golden rule is do less and do it well. Realistic agendas with some open space to react to local or world events, to take time to get to know each other, and especially newcomers, and so on. If you’re facilitating and your experience tells you there’s 3 hours of material for a 1.5 hour meeting, pause. Be creative, and if necessary be brutal with the agenda. There’s what the group needs to do, and there’s what the group would like to do. Creativity might take you to small groups working on different items in parallel (and even with a meeting of only 4 people you still have 2 small groups!), tools such as roving ideastorms to get a lot of work done quickly without the potential tedium of small group feedback and more.

And this book by Rosemary Randall also deserves both wider reading and an update…

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