Trolls trolls trolls

In real life (also known as ‘meatspace’ by 30 or 40 something cyber-wannabes like me), if you ‘troll’ you get uninvited to parties, nobody phones you, you are basically a billy-no-mates.

In “cyberspace” there is always a new conversation to crash, and generally be a dick.  You kind of hope that people learn the signs of a troll and stop feeding them.  But that rarely is the case. Occasionally a sensible website owner will, after giving them warnings, bar them.  It briefly feeds the troll’s martyr complex, but since they have an endless hunger for attention, they tend to piss off and become a problem for someone else.  And as Leonard Nimoy said in that wonderful Simpson’s episde, “The cosmic ballet goes on.”
Here’s  good example of a recent trolling, over on “Small Epiphanies”, which has blocked ‘Elsa”… My comments in italics, his/hers in plain text.

Elsa is doubtless still reading (needs the attention, for validation). Your decision to block is, IMHO, sound

Well at least I’ve pulled you all out of your depressions!

Classic trolling – mock/faux concern for mental state of other posters

I’ll be back with some comments on your comments

Classic trolling – wants to enter into endless hall of mirrors conversation

but I just need to go and earn a living for a few hours.

Classic trolling – trying to draw “but I have a job just like you do” from other users on the site. Elsa, male or female, knows full well we have jobs. Wants to insinuate that we don’t in order to get a rise, get off topic.

This is simply a bid for attention. Because without the attention from normal people, these broken-inside narcissists feel empty. “Look at me look at meee look at meeeeee.” No thanks.

Trolls deserve our pity. Sometimes our contempt. They never deserve our time and energy.

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  1. elsa says:

    Interesting that you do not reply to the specific answers that I gave on that site but pick, out of context, a reply I made, having been accused by the website host of disappearing when my views were challenged.

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