Boing Boing- the rebound effect

Couple of stories recently that have caught my eye.
On Thursday we heard via a report by the Institution of Engineering and Technology that working from home may not actually reduce carbon emissions (people may use their cars more for short trips, they end up living further away, they have a house to heat etc)
In today’s Absurder (well, the website anyhow) there’s a piece on how exercise on its own doesn’t get you losing weight – in part because after a long gym session people feel entitled to ‘treat’ themselves, not realising just how many calories there are in that donut etc.

And – to skip around with the chronology a bit – we have the Glorious Leader of Manchester City Council on his blog talking about a trip to China

It was a chance to promote Manchester,  learn from many of the other speakers, and make a lot of contacts, some of which I’ll be following up very quickly! I’d hoped to be back yesterday tea-time, but a four and a half hour delay at Shanghai scuppered that, hence an enforced over night in Finland. Not a commute I intend to do again if I can help it and will be back on my bike tomorrow starting to pay back all that carbon.

Er, it is going to take you a very very long time indeed to ‘pay back’ all that carbon.  Longer than forever.


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