Depends how they’re cooked

This from the Manchester Evening Nuisance amused me. An editorial from relatively recently, on the NHS mebbe not coughing up for IVF in future.

“Becoming a parent should not be seen as a luxury but more as a human right. The only certainty about life is that we all exist on this earth in order to further the species.”

But of course, if we keep breeding carbon-spewing Westerners (each one – on average- worth 80 of your average Tanzanians), then we ain’t exactly “furthering the species”, are we?

It’s a bit like that trick where you put some nuts in at the end of a narrow tunnel. Your subject monkey can stick its arm down, and grab the food.  But once it has made a fist, it then can’t get its arm out the tunnel.  Food or freedom??

Climate change is a bit like that – Mother Nature has us by the nuts.


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One Response to Depends how they’re cooked

  1. phil k says:

    Dwight – inspite of myself that narrow funnel image is a corker – you gloomy b******!

    One of those ‘I wish I said that…’
    ‘You will, you will…’


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